Kasia Classic

Kasia classic basmati rice is manufactured by observing strict quality control procedures. It is 100% pure and sortex clean, while length always ranges between 7.55 MM

Kasia Platinum

KASIA the purity in itself. It is a rare gift of nature and true range of Basmati, that comes from the ethereal snow- fed valleys of the Himalayas

Kasia Premium

backed by the team of astute professionals & cleaned at our well-established premises, Kasia Premium Basmati rice has a divine

Kasia Super

Processing of Kasia Super basmati rice allows the rice to retain more of the vitamins and minerals from the original grain which further makes parboiled rice highly nutrient.

Kasia Supreme

Kasia Supreme Basmati Rice is grown in the snow-fed rivers at the foothills of the Himalayas and rich and fertile land of Punjab and Haryana. Kasia supreme basmati rice is …

Kasia Daily

Kasia Daily rice comes with the finest grains featuring best appearance and swift digestion along with sheer basmati rice taste and delectable


Kasia Chickpeas

Kasia Chickpeas- a first-grade quality chickpea from the world’s largest producer country, India. Chickpeas are incredibly versatile. It can be used canned or roasted, hot or cold, boiled or sprouted, curried or…

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