Kasia Chickpeas

Kasia Chickpeas- a first-grade quality chickpea from the world’s largest producer country, India. Chickpeas are incredibly versatile. It can be used canned or roasted, hot or cold, boiled or sprouted, curried or dried. It is the key ingredient in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, used in hummus, and, when ground into flour, falafel. It also is important in Indian cuisine, used in salads, soups and stews, and curry, in chana masala, and in other meal products like channa. And based on the various nutrients and compounds chickpeas contain, it has several benefits and of them is high in protein and fiber which make it one of the best plant-based protein in vegan and vegetarian diets.

NUTRITION FACTS : Per 100g / Calories :364 / Fat Total : 6g / Saturated Fat : 0,6 g / Cholesterol : 0g / Carbohydrate : 61g / Protein : 19g ./ Sugar : 11g ./ Sodium : 24mg ./ Potassium : 875mg ./ Vitamin A : 1% ./ Vitamin B-6 : 25% ./ Iron : 34% .

Kasia Availability:  Kasia Tuna comes with 25KG

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