Aegan International is a leading exporter of Commodity Products. We are the foremost accessible exporter of Rice, Wheat, Vegetable Oil, Special crops, Maize etc. We cover the entire spectrum of finished products covering every band. With years of extensive thorough technical knowledge, the company aims to achieve all worthy success & stability in the domain by staying consistent, customer-oriented, professional & beneficial to its every associated member treating every milestone as a stepping stone to mark our identity into the future.We grew from a small firm & evolved into a larger provider of commodity finished products. We believe in a connected centralised system that is powered and driven through its local offices. We have learned to bring our system to work around the client.The quality of the end product, being the primary interest of our clientele. We achieve this by following strictly implemented and routinely inspected guidelines in procuring the products, storing them in safe and sanitary facilities, and transporting them efficiently. We make sure our systems and their units practice the best industry standards. We pride to have a diverse clientele who we serve with diverse commodity products.
We also recognise our responsibility towards the environment as a benefactor of products harvested from our natural ecosystems. We exercise caution and care in our dealings with nature, from our production teams to logistics. We are a green company looking to go greener.

OUR Team

As leaders of the commodity product suppliers, we recognise the healthy competition in the international market which pushes to keep improving our product and services. As the customer experience is at the centre of our operations, our product quality is the centre of our business. Our various Research & Development teams keep upping the ante for each other through their innovation in the product, supply chain, and customer experience.
Today, we cater clientele across the globe specially in the regions of Middle East & Africa with a local concentration of teams, talent acquisition, storage centres, distribution hubs, research studies, and grievance management crews. We aim to have a bottom-up enabler system where the lab researchers, logistics workers, and marketing design-ers all enable the system to perform to its optimum potential. This allows our delivery to cater to the indigenous needs of the client reflected by the local markets. Our teams are trained to practice safety, hygiene, and sanitary protocols to the standardised levels based on prevailing highest standards.
Our systems go like clockwork because we function like a well-oiled machine.


We strive to cultivate the best crops & spread them to the furthest of locations & be a name to reckon with, a global agro exporter in Middle East, India and Africa. The cornerstone to human civilisation from tribes lies in agriculture. Agriculture is the common denominator in many of the ancient civilisations of India. Cultivating our own food, storingand providing nutrients allowed humans to aspire to greater arts. We are proud to continue in this civilisational quality of the human race.We value our business as a means of delivering high quality Rice & other Commodity Products but also its implications. We recognise that while we are a business that needs to be efficient and cost-effective we also contribute towards improving access to high nutrient food and by extension combating global hunger and malnutrition. This is the thinking behind our teams and their behaviour towards their role. We pride our rice business as being the highest experts in it.We drive towards improving the quality of our products without compromising the integrity of the environment where it is grown. Further, we constantly experiment to lubricate our supply chain and transportation towards efficiency. By implementing this we desire to reach more diverse clientele from large to smaller businesses as well. What more can we say, through our consistent approach, there’s only one way the things are moving & that’s UP & forward making Aegan the most trusted name.


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It has been our foremost ambition to supply the finest quality products at the most aggressive costs. Our skill to do so originates from our involved acquaintance with mill operators who have supported us with timely information throughout in acquiring the best quality products for our export. We share the market data with our customers to enable them to design their business as per requirements.

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As we acquire our products straight from the source, coupled with our years of working in close proximity with cultivators, it permits us to provide our clients with the most optimum costs for all our products.

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Our tie-ups with the best packers, distributors and logistics providers make our process of supply smooth and efficient. We perform drop tests on all our supply sacks prior to tolerating the sacks for pressing.

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