Kasia Tuna

Kasia the purity and the name of the yellowfin tuna, or Thunnus albacares, comes from its identifying yellowfin. This tuna is one of the most demanded oily fish species in gastronomy, especially in the canned foods sector because of its

(1.) pleasant texture meat is bright red when raw and turns brown to grayish tan when cooked and is firm and moist with large flakes.

(2.) its health benefits ; has less fat than common tuna and it contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that improve the health of our cardiovascular system.

(3.) its exquisite mild meaty flavor .

NUTRITION FACTS : Serving size 2(oz) (5b.g) 2/3 Cup (55g) / Calories :140 / Fat Total : 5g / Saturated Fat : 2g / Cholesterol : 20g / Carbohydrate : 0g / Protein : 14g .

Kasia Availability:  Kasia Tuna comes with 100gm , 160gm , 185gm Cans

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