Rice remains to be our number one product for export, as the rice industry continues to grow massively in different parts of the world. As rice remains to be the staple diet across the globe, with 90% consumption in Asia & Pacific, we believe in procuring good quality rice at competitive pricing to satisfy the growing demands of the market.

We procure different varieties of rice, concentrating mainly on Basmati Rice, also known as the Fragrant Rice, and extensively used in India, Middle East & Asia.

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Being a respected exporter of wheat in the global agro-food products market, we abide by all international standards. Clients obtain superior quality wheat because our R&D teams conduct various quality tests prior to approving the wheat for exporting to our clients. Since

we have a global clientele, our wheat is exported on a huge scale in countries like Middle East & Africa. It is assured that the delivery for the same is made within the time-slot without extra surcharge. We also produce quality flour varieties intended for multi-purpose & industrial flours to the individual requirements of customers and in accordance with international standards.We place great importance on maintaining our quality throughout every stage from production.

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Engaged in merchanting, wholesale distribution, and branded retail. Our strength in sourcing sugar lies in our relationship with the manufacturers and Key origins include Brazil, Thailand, India, and Europe, with over 7 existing destination markets, Sugar business leverages our extensive geographic presence, complementary Rice client

base, supply chain infrastructure, and operational efficiencies across the rice business in Africa and the Middle East markets Our goal is to deliver the highest quality refine sugar at the most competitive prices while providing our customers with exceptional best service and perfect logistics.

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We have been steering the export of various pulses and specialty crops, especially in the Middle East and Africa, because of the high consumption and demands of the market.

We focus on Chickpeas, Yellow peas, and Sesame seeds, which have high nutritional value, and hence highly demanded in the ever-expanding health conscious stratas of the market.

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The company exports vegetable cooking oil, 100% refined, in retail (PET bottles) and Jerry Cans under private labeling. Over the past years,Aegan has attained invaluable, in-depth understanding of the market, and emerged as one of the leading edible oils traders in the region.

Our range of edible oils products include Blended Oils, Corn Oils, Palm Oils, Soy Bean Oils, and Sunflower Oils. Bottled sunflower oil shelf life: 24 months if stored under temperatures between +8°C and +20°C

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